Folder 180

The combination of a hinged system with a sliding system to optimise the space and its use

  • Max opening 180°
  • Door thickness from 18 to 25 mm
  • Door width from 350 to 750 mm
  • Door height from 600 to 2800 mm
  • Max. weight for two doors 50 Kg
Versatility, fluidity and reduction of any obstruction

Folder can be fixed either on the top or under the base panel of the cabinet, a feature that makes it even more versatile and functional.

When opened, the two doors fold and overlap each other until they automatically reach the point of maximum opening. This frees the cabinet interior from any obstruction and allows the unencumbered opening of full-width internal drawers without the use of spacers.


Folder can be used in a host of applications wherever you want to take advantage of the 100% access conferred by a 180° opening hinge. As with all Salice products, Folder is characterised by exceptional reliability, well-developed functionality and pleasing aesthetics

  • Automatic opening and closing action controlled by silicon oil dampers and by a magnetic damper for a smooth and gently decelerated movement
  • Fixing of the doors to the cabinet side with external SERIES M hinges or with recessed CONECTA hinges
  • Adjustment of the opening and closing speed of the doors
  • Fully adjustable in three directions
  • Thickness of wooden door with SERIES M hinges from 18 mm to 24 mm
  • Thickness of wooden door with CONECTA hinges from 18 mm to 25 mm
  • Thickness of wooden door with profile VE79KITE710_A with CONECTA hinges from 22 mm to 25 mm
  • Width of each single wooden door from 350 mm to 750 mm
  • Width of each single aluminium-framed door from 350 mm to 600 mm
  • Door height: Min. 600 mm - Max. 2800 mm
  • Cabinet depth ≥ 320 mm
  • Side thickness with recessed CONECTA hinges ≥ 19 mm
BASE version
Assembly of the track under the bottom panel of the cabinet
TOP version
Assembly of the track on the top of the cabinet
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