Imitation leather trays


Exquisitely designed products to suit your own individual taste and needs

  • Material: imitation leather
  • Depth 360 mm
  • Depth 410 mm

Beautifully proportioned glovebox trays which can accommodate a selection of storage elements for items that require special care and attention.

In particular, the collection includes watch-holder trays, glass-holders, ring-holders, earring holders, made of imitation leather, available in various colours and dimensions, according to individual aesthetics and functional requirements.


Multi-purpose tray with internal divider

VE80CXLA12__B = 360x150 H 50 mm
VE80CXLA11__B = 410x150 H 50 mm

Multi-purpose tray with 3 internal dividers

VE80CXLA14__B = 360x150 H 50 mm
VE80CXLA13__B = 410x150 H 50 mm

Multi-purpose tray with 4 internal dividers

VE80CXLA16__B = 360x150 H 50 mm
VE80CXLA15__B = 410x150 H 50 mm

Multi-purpose tray with 5 internal dividers

VE80CXLA02__B = 360x150 H 50 mm
VE80CXLA01__B = 410x150 H 50 mm

Ring-holder tray

VE80CXLA08__B = 360x150 H 50 mm
VE80CXLA07__B = 410x150 H 50 mm

Earring-holder tray

VE80CXLA06__B = 360x150 H 50 mm
VE80CXLA05__B = 410x150 H 50 mm

Earring- and ring-holder tray

VE80CXLA10__B = 360x150 H 50 mm
VE80CXLA09__B = 410x150 H 50 mm

Watch-holder tray

VE80CXLA04__B = 360x150 H 50 mm
VE80CXLA03__B = 410x150 H 50 mm

Product details
Imitation leather MOKA BROWN
Imitation leather ELEPHANT GREY
Imitation leather OLIVE GREY
Imitation leather TAUPE BROWN
Imitation leather TOBACCO BROWN
Imitation leather TOFFEE WHITE
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