Hanging elements


Hanging accessories neatly and keeping them looking their best

  • Material: beech
  • Finish: wenge
  • Hook material: die-cast, coated with epoxy-based powder
  • Hook finish: metal grey brown
  • Genuine leather support

Hangers, cloth and bag hangers, scarf, tie and belt holders made of wenge-dyed beech wood can be now fully personalised with precious inserts or leather supports with many possible combinations.


  • Personalisation with hot-stamped or embossed logo on request.
  • Personalisation with hot-stamped logo on request.


Bags hanger

External dimensions (mm): 98x185


Scarves and headscarves hanger

External dimensions (mm): 150x245


Tie and belt hanger. Genuine leather support

External dimensions (mm): 68x156


Product details
Genuine leather MOKA BROWN
Genuine leather ELEPHANT GREY
Genuine leather TURTLE-DOVE GREY
Genuine leather KHAKI BROWN
Genuine leather CAMEL
Genuine leather FLAX GREY
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