The truly concealed hinge-1


The truly concealed hinge

Inserted into the top and bottom of the cabinet and in the door. With integrated decelerating system

  • Inserted into the cabinet and the door
  • Small and compact size
  • Wooden and aluminium-framed doors
  • 105° opening
The innovative and revolutionary hinge

Despites its compactness and small size, Air delivers full functionality to furniture manufacturers.

It is inserted into the top and bottom of the cabinet and the door and is practically invisible. Its small size means that the applications for Air are numerous: kitchens, bathrooms, living- and bedroom furniture or display cabinets.

The truly concealed hinge-2
A masterpiece of compactness in design, imperceptible and unseen just like air: Air is the new fusion of technology and aesthetics.
  • For min. 18 mm (3/4") thick wood doors and for aluminum-framed doors.
  • Max. door weight 20 Kg (44 lbs).
  • Max. dimensions of the door : height 2100 mm (84"), width 610 mm (24").
  • 16.5 mm deep metal cup.
  • L = 2.5 mm
  • 105° opening.
  • Possible drilling distance on the door (K): from 3 mm (1/8") to 6 mm (1/4") for wood doors.
  • Fixed K = 4 mm for aluminum-framed doors (DEL6LP300_).
Air hinge
Nickel-plated finish
Air hinge
Titanium finish
Corner connectors for the frame assembly of the doors and the fixing of the hinge.

Aluminium door profile, width 26 mm, for glass insertion (4 mm).

DEL6LP300P: lengths in anodised aluminium (3 metres)
DEL6LP300T: lengths in Titanium finish (3 metres)


Aluminium door profile, width 19 mm, for glass insertion (4 mm).

DEL9LP300P: lengths in anodised aluminium (3 metres, 9-10")
DEL9LP300T: lengths in Titanium finish (3 metres, 9-10")

Gasket for glass
3 metre-gaskets (9-10")
Angle reduction clip to reduce the opening to 92°
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