Air, creativity and innovation

Salice wins the 2016 Iwf Challengers’ Award
Awards - 1 November 2016

Technological development and creative functionality combined with distinctive and refined design make the Air hinge one of the most significant revolutions in the furniture hardware that has now won internationally acclaim.
For its development of Air, Salice has been awarded the 2016 IWF Challengers’ Award, known throughout the world for recognizing the outstanding achievement of companies that distinguish themselves by developing technology, creativity and product innovation.

The award – in its 50th anniversary year - is given to the best products introduced during the International Woodworking Fair, one of the most important trade shows in the United States for companies in the woodworking, furniture and hardware industry.
Its distinctive technical and aesthetic features made Air a winner. With a thickness of only 10 mm, Air is fully adjustable in three directions and also incorporates an integrated soft close mechanism for decelerated closing or the Push self-opening system for handle-less doors.

Air integrates fully with the cabinet and can be used both with wooden doors and aluminium-framed doors. Available in nickel-plated and Titanium finish, Air is suitable for a host of applications: kitchens, bathrooms, living- and bedroom furniture or display cabinets.


The truly concealed hinge
Hinges equipped with a special spring for the opening of handle-less doors
  • Integrated Push system
  • Inserted into the cabinet and the door
  • Small and compact size
  • Wooden and aluminium-framed doors
  • 105° opening
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