New slimline aluminium door profile for Air hinge

News - 18 January 2017

The range of applications for the Salice Air hinge is extended even further. With its excellent performance qualities and sophisticated aesthetics, Air can now also be used with aluminium door profile that is only 19mm in width.

The characteristics of the hinge and the way it is fitted to the top and the bottom panel of the cabinet remain unchanged.

The new slimline door profile is available in nickel-plated and Titanium finishes and it greatly enhances two of the key visual benefits of Air – more of the interior of the cabinet is visible and the revealed space is free of the clutter of conventional hinges.

The combination of Air with the new door profile is perfect for a host of applications in furniture for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


The truly concealed hinge
Inserted into the top and bottom of the cabinet and in the door. With integrated decelerating system
  • Inserted into the cabinet and the door
  • Small and compact size
  • Wooden and aluminium-framed doors
  • 105° opening
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