Swivel carousels-1


Swivel carousels

Aesthetically attractive and extremely effective solutions for the kitchen

  • Independent shelf rotation for easy access
  • Non slip melamine surface
  • For frame and frameless cabinets

Suitable for base corner cabinets, to be used with frame and frameless cabinets. Easy access.

  • Independent shelf rotation for easy access, non slip melamine surface, for frame and frameless cabinets.
  • Kit contents: 2 pcs 3/4 circle pivoting carousels. Height adjustable shelves, load capacity per shelf 29 lbs (13 kg) for 28-3/16" and 35 lbs (16 kg) for 32-1/8", easy to install with “fast block fittings”.
  • Circle pivoting carousels are available in:
    - VCH = Champagne wire/American maple melamine bottom
    - C = Chrome wire/White melamine bottom
    - MC = Chrome wire/White woven cotton melamine bottom (USA Only)
    - CG = Chrome wire/Gray melamine bottom (Canada only)
  • Chrome-plated post is available in:
    - C = Chrome finish