2-sided drawer - H 75 mm-1


2-sided drawer - H 75 mm

Metal sides, wood sub-front and back panel

  • Height of the metal side 75 mm
  • Internal height 46 mm
  • Wood thickness 16 mm (5/8")
  • Aluminum
Clean, simple lines with minimal wall thickness to maximize internal space

Streamlined aesthetics uncluttered with holes or assembly components. Lineabox is very versatile and highly customizable. Assembly is rapid without the need for machines or templates.

2-sided drawer - H 75 mm-2

A light and thin drawer, suitable for all applications including: kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and office furniture. Fluid, silent and progressive sliding movement, thanks to Futura and F70 full-extension runners.

  • Lineabox metal sides, wood sub-front and back panel
  • Height of the side 75 mm - Internal height 46 mm
  • For use with Futura and F70 full-extension runners
  • No machine or template needed for assembly
  • Rapid assembly and disassembly of the drawer
  • Height, side and depth adjustment of the drawer incorporated in the runner fixing clips
  • Wood thickness: 16 mm (5/8”) for bottom, sub-front and back panels
  • Sides notched front and back
  • Premounted front/back connector fittings
  • Non-handed sides
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finishes: White, Gray, Stainless steel
2-sided drawer - H 75 mm
Frontal fixing, screws for wooden frontal included
Fixing clip for wood front and back
Cover cap with embossed logo
Cover cap with silk-screen printed logo
Template for frontal connecting fitting
Insertion tool (Knock-In) for ASMGP12A3CA fixing clip for wood front and back
Template for Futura runners
Template for F70 runners

Drill bit for rear hook

TDB7407R = ø 7 mm for Futura runners
TDB7406R = ø 6 mm for F70 runners

L wrench to set and adjust
Stop collar to set the correct depth