WASTE BIN SYSTEMS Storage unit width 600 mm-1


Storage unit width 600 mm

Kit composed by Shelf runners, premounted on a steel support, fully assembled Lineabox drawer, bin-holder frame and bins

  • Lenght of the runners 500 mm
  • Adjustable steel support
  • Height of the Lineabox metal side 180 mm
The waste bin systems provide an aesthetically attractive and extremely effective handling of waste.

Both the Lineabox drawer and the waste bins are supplied in preassembled kits. Their assembly is easy, rapid and intuitive. This operation is tool free.

WASTE BIN SYSTEMS Storage unit width 600 mm-2

The sliding movement of the drawer is fluid and progressive, thanks to Shelf full-extension runners, premounted on a specially-designed frame.

  • Kit consists of:
     - 2 Shelf runners 65559, 500 mm length, premounted on a steel support
     - Screws for wooden frontal ø 4 x 35 mm
     - Fully assembled Lineabox drawer
     - Steel bin-holder frame
     - 2 plastic waste bins - capacity 18 litres, 1 waste bin - capacity 12 litres
     - 1 plastic glove box
  • Technical features:
     - Depth adjustment with the runner fixing clips
     - Sideways, vertical and tilt adjustment on the runners support
  • Finishes:
     - Bin-holder frame: Titanium
     - Waste bins: Charcoal
     - Plastic glove box: Charcoal
     - Runners support: Grey
     - Lineabox sides: Stainless steel, Champagne, Titanium, White
Storage unit width 600 mm

Single kit

AKWBAX105000600 = white
AKWBAX605000600 = titanium
AKWBAXC05000600 = champagne
AKWBAXI05000600 = stainless steel

Cover cap with embossed logo
Cover cap with silk-screen printed logo
Reinforcing supports for the bottom of the drawer
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