Pin Knife


The profiles can be surface-mounted or recessed into wood panels

  • Aluminium finish
  • Titanium finish
  • Maximum weight carried by one pair: 15 kg

The Pin Knife system fixed on a wood panel presents a highly functional and secure storage system for cook’s knives.

Pin Knife enables kitchen knives of any shape and size to be arranged in the most functional and personal way. Thanks to this arrangement, the knives are easily available while cooking and the wood panel gives an additional aesthetic value. The innovative compression spring mechanism allows the blades of the knives to be stably and securely fixed.

Available in aluminium and titanium finishes, complementing all kinds of room settings, furniture and applications, Pin features a special surface treatment with soft touch effect. This treatment optimises the functionality of the system by acting as a non-slip coating to keep the stored objects secure and stable on the brackets. The velvety soft touch surface treatment enhances Pin’s aesthetic value, making its design even more innovative and user-friendly.


Pin Knife component parts

1) Anchor bolt: 12 + 12 pcs
2) Gasket: 12 + 12 pcs
3) Bracket: 12 + 12 pcs
4) Connecting item: 12 pcs
5) Cap: 12 + 12 pcs

D0KPXXK = Finish: aluminium

D0KPXXT = Finish: titanium

Soft touch treatment for greater stability of the stored objects.

Pin Profile

16 pcs, 3 metres. Screws for the profile fixing to be ordered separately.
The profiles can be surface-mounted or recessed into wood panels.

D0B3LU300P = Finish: aluminium

D0B3LU300T = Finish: titanium

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