Pin Hang

Display storage system for items of clothing and accessories
News - 3 December 2020

The highly versatile Pin family expands once more with the introduction of a new product variation that enables the orderly and functional arrangement of clothing and a host of different items of everyday usage.

Pin Hang can, in fact, accommodate coats, scarves, hats and accessories, always preserving its elegant design and its aesthetic refinement, combining neat, tidy storage with immediate accessibility.

As for Pin Wine, Knife and Shelf, the assembly of this system is extremely easy, quick and intuitive. The Pin brackets can be moved easily and positioned anywhere with an ingenious fixing system that is extremely strong and stable.

To meet the most varied daily needs, the system can be used in various room settings, such as entrance halls, living spaces, bathroom and kitchen, as well as in the office.

The Pin Hang system can be arrayed vertically and horizontally, thus enabling it to be adapted to all kinds of room settings and spaces with an infinite number of possible combinations.

The system, available in aluminium or titanium finishes, can be surface-mounted or recessed into wood-based panels.


Pin Hang
The profiles can be surface-mounted or recessed into wood panels
  • Aluminium finish
  • Titanium finish
  • Maximum weight carried: 10 kg
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