UNIVERSAL HINGES PUSH Universal hinges - 110° opening - Standard application-1


Universal hinges - 110° opening - Standard application

Hinges equipped with a special spring for the opening of handle-less doors

  • Glass doors
  • Integrated Push system
  • No drilling is required
  • 110° opening
  • Snap-on fixing with Domi mounting plates, screw fixing with traditional ones

Universal (CBG) hinges have been developed for use on glass doors and mirrors.
They are fully adjustable in three directions and are compatible with all Salice mounting plates.

The Push-System is a self-opening system for the doors of all types of handleless furniture. It consists of a series of self-opening hinges, release devices that can be fitted to the top, base or side panel of the cabinet, and retaining catches to be fitted to the back of the door.

UNIVERSAL HINGES PUSH Universal hinges - 110° opening - Standard application-2
The universal hinge has been developed to provide a solution to most applications in the field of furniture doors.
Push hinges are equipped with a special spring that acts to open the door independently of the release device.
  • Hinge for glass doors and mirrors.
  • No drilling of the glass is required.
  • Possible fixing inset distance on the door (K): from 0 to 22 mm.
  • 110° opening.
  • To limit the opening of the hinge, see “Accessories”
  • Compatible with all traditional Series 200 mounting plates and with all Domi snap-on monting plates.
Release device. ø 10 mm, 40 mm length.
Release device to be used to increase the magnetic holding strength. It must always be used together with the DPM. The suggested position of the DPM is the point of pressure on the door. The DPA can be positioned at any point along the opening edge of the door.
ø 10 mm, 40 mm length.
Retaining catch to be inserted with pin.
ø 11.5 mm
Retaining catch with adhesive.
20x14 mm surface.
For use with aluminum doors or smooth surfaces.
Adjustable magnetic catch. Inserted into the door.
ø16.6 mm
Screw cover cap S2BX83H___

Symmetrical steel screw cover cap, it can be personalised on request.
For Series 100, 200, 700, F, M, 400 and universal hinges

S2BX83H9__ = Nickel
S2BX83H6__ = Titanium

Screw cover cap S2MX83H___

Symmetrical steel screw cover cap with embossed logo.
For Series 100, 200, 700, F, M, 400 and universal hinges

S2MX83H9__ = Nickel
S2MX83H6__ = Titanium

Angle restriction clip SBA237X6
For universal hinges, it limits opening angle to 90°.
Cover SBAX78A6SN
For universal hinges
Pozi screwdriver D2A7XCXCP

Pozi screwdriver

The mounting plates
Domi snap-on mounting plates
Series 200 mounting plates with traditional assembly
Mounting plates compatible with the selected UNIVERSAL HINGES PUSH hinge
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