SPLIT Bridging units H 48 mm-1


Bridging units H 48 mm

System of compartments for the organisation of drawer interiors

  • Height 48 mm
  • Internal removable dividers
  • Finishes: woodgrain effect and brushed
  • Colours: titanium, pearl and black
  • Colours of the profile to hold bridging units: white, titanium, champagne and stainless steel
Dividing, to organise. In the most personal way.

Split is a system of division and storage compartments that allows the freest and most personalised organisation of drawer interiors. Split is characterised by  versatility, user-friendliness and a wide choice of shapes, sizes and colours. Personalised organisation and versatility. Split is available in multiple finishes which,  thanks to their different shades of colours and textures, are distinctive for their uniqueness and sophistication and perfectly integrate with any drawer setting and application.

SPLIT Bridging units H 48 mm-2

Available in different colours and surface textures and with over 300 possible combinations, Split perfectly integrates with different settings and applications, such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

  • Bridging unit with both vertical and horizontal sliding option. Equipped with removable internal dividers.
  • Optional aluminium internal dividers. To be ordered separately.
  • Outside dimensions (mm) 600 o 1200 x 107 H 48. To be cut to measure.
Bridging unit - dimensions: 600x107 H 48 mm

ADEP3L_X600X107 = Woodgrain effect
ADEP3S_X600X107 = Brushed

ADEP3_QX600X107 = Pearl
ADEP3_6X600X107 = Titanium
ADEP3_3X600X107 = Black

Bridging unit - dimensions: 1200x107 H 48 mm

ADEP3L_1200X107 = Woodgrain effect
ADEP3S_1200X107 = Brushed

ADEP3_Q1200X107 = Pearl
ADEP3_61200X107 = Titanium
ADEP3_31200X107 = Black

Profile to hold bridging units 1200x6 H 45,6 mm
ADPP2X_1200XXXX = White
ADPP2X_1200XXXX = Titanium
ADPP2X_1200XXXX = Champagne
ADPP2X_1200XXXX = Stainless Steel
Profile to hold bridging units 1200x6 H 89,8 mm
ADPP3X_1200XXXX = White
ADPP3X_1200XXXX = Titanium
ADPP3X_1200XXXX = Champagne
ADPP3X_1200XXXX = Stainless Steel
Cover cap with embossed logo
Cover cap with silk-screen printed logo
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