Invisibility, elegance and exceptional functionality
Awards - 3 May 2023

Invisibility and extreme versatility.

Conecta is the totally innovative Salice hinge that is completely concealed within the door and the side of the cabinet. Conecta ensures clean lines and a modern design to any type of cabinetry without sacrificing maximum technical functionality. Fixed to aluminium-framed glass doors, or with the door at the maximum opening, Conecta always remains virtually imperceptible.

Its technical characteristics allow it to control the opening and closing movements with precision and fluidity even with large and heavy furniture doors in both wood and aluminium.

The Conecta hinge, with its 94° opening, is fully adjustable in three directions by cam adjusters and is also available with an integrated soft close mechanism for decelerated closing.

Furthermore, Conecta is equipped with a special anti-collision function which keeps the door at the maximum opening, thus facilitating the opening of full-width internal drawers.

Its refined aesthetics, completed by customisable cover caps in elegant nickel-plated and titanium finishes for both the door and the side of the cabinet, combined with its high build quality, make the Conecta hinge suitable for applications with exceptional elegance and functionality.




Concealed hinge
Hinge with recessed insertion in the door and in the side
  • Inserted into the cabinet and the door
  • For aluminium-framed doors
  • 94° opening
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