SHELF SMOVE 65559 - Concealed runner-1


SMOVE 65559 - Concealed runner

Full-extension runner fixed to the shelf by clip

  • Runner length from 350 to 600 mm
  • Dynamic load capacity 30 kg
  • Integrated Smove system
  • Full-extension
Fluid, silent and progressive sliding movement

The Shelf runner for pull-out shelves with fixing on the bottom can be used in various contexts as kitchens, display stands for shops, living room and office furniture. This runner enables shelves to slide forward for easy access.

SHELF SMOVE 65559 - Concealed runner-2

It is available with full-extension, all lengths, with Push opening for handle-less furniture and with Smove decelerated closing.

  • Full-extension runner attached to the shelf by clips.
  • Smove: Soft closing fully integrated into the drawer runner.
  • Product features: load capacity: 100 Lbs static / 75 Lbs dynamic, safety system that prevents the shelves from turning over, adjustable Clips allow for easy drawer insertion and removal
  • Finish: bright zinc-plated.
  • For heavier pull-outs it is possible to add runners to increase the load rating and to improve the stability of the pull-out.
A65559/35 CP6
Runner length 350 mm
A65559/40 CP6
Runner length 400 mm
A65559/45 CP6
Runner length 450 mm
A65559/50 CP6
Runner length 500 mm
A65559/55 CP6
Runner length 550 mm
A65559/60 CP6
Runner length 600 mm
Rear hook bracket
Standard clip with height adjustment
Clip with 6 way adjustment
The shelf is held at the maximum opening position by means of a rear-fixed bracket and a magnet