Salice Smove

Universal adapter
News - 19 September 2017

Smove is the special device used to soften the closing action of any furniture door, thus decreasing the noise produced by its closing. Introduced for the first time by Salice in 1998, Smove can be used with any cabinet and with doors of any dimension, providing high levels of performance.

The new universal adapter enables Smove to be used with all brands of hinges.

The front assembly stop device guarantees the correct positioning of the adapter and the perfect functioning of Smove, without drilling the cabinet side.

Furthermore, a cam adjuster enables the closing action of the door to be modified, reducing or increasing the decelerating effect.


Smove - Universal Smoveholder
Device used to soften the closing action of any furniture door with concealed hinges. Used with all brands of hinges
  • Adjustable decelerating system
  • For any furniture door
  • Full-overlay adapter
  • Half-overlay adapter