Wind lift system

New applications
News - 11 July 2017

A number of recent technical developments have significantly increased the range of applications for the compact and unobtrusive Wind lift system.

Using an optional carrier that is fixed to the top of the cabinet rather than the side panel, Wind can now be used for corner cabinets, side-less cabinets or for doors of large weight and dimensions which need more systems.

A special cover, available in numerous finishes, completes the application.

Wind incorporates a soft close mechanism for decelerated closing or the Push self-opening system for handle-less doors.


With soft closing system for single doors
Small and compact lifting system fixed to the cabinet sides
  • Wooden doors
  • Door height from 220 to 600 mm
  • Door weight from 1,5 to 24 kg
  • 85° - 94° opening
  • Adjustable spring strength